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It is rare that I come across a claim where I learn something new after many years of experience. On a sunny afternoon Mr. Hapless was leaving the grocery store.  As he proceeded to reverse from his parking space he heard several people screaming so he immediately stopped. READ MORE >>

Is there anything new at Ken May Insurance Services? Yes, a couple of things! First, we have a new customer service representative. Her name is Paige and she recently graduated from Cal State San Marcos. We also signed up with the Hartford a few months ago. READ MORE >>

                The San Diego North County Fires – What Did We Learn? By Ken May               It seems that every four years or so, major fires ravage San Diego County. READ MORE >>

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF A CLAIMS FIELD ADJUSTER   When you are in an accident, you of course report it immediately to your automobile insurance company and a claim is opened up with a claims adjuster.  You assume that their tasks are to schedule inspections, pay bills, settle bodily injury claims, and walk you through the stressful and emotional accident process. READ MORE >>

Our February, 2014 Customer Appreciation Contest winner is…..Sherryl Joseph!  Sheryl won a 4-Pack Gift Set to the San Diego County Fair! Sherryl’s name was put into our Customer Appreciation Box simply by renewing her auto insurance policy. READ MORE >>

TOP TEN EXCUSES FOR A CAR ACCIDENT: · The other vehicle came out of nowhere.  Oh?  That magical place called nowhere? ·  I didn’t hit them, they hit me.  Well, you ran a red light right in front of them, so….. · They shouldn’t have stopped in front of me. READ MORE >>

Have you ever been involved in an accident that you did not believe was your fault but the police told you were at fault and you were adamant that it was a fraudulent loss?  If so, when reporting this claim be sure to advise your representative because you may just be right on the money. Mrs. READ MORE >>

First of all, what gives me the right to weigh in on the Sea World vs. Blackfish debate? Unlike many of the self proclaimed “experts” who are animal rights activists masquerading as scientists or former Sea World employees who have never gotten close to a killer whale, I am a former m... READ MORE >>

Auto insurance rates are calculated based on a number of factors, including gender, age, location and driving record. But the model of car you drive plays a large role in determining how much you’ll pay for coverage. You are not wrong in assuming that sports cars and luxury cars are the most expensive to insure, but which models are the cheapest? READ MORE >>

A Reunion that I’m really looking forward to By Ken May On March 22nd, 2014, Sea World will be hosting all former and current employees to their 50th Anniversary Reunion at Sea World of San Diego. This event will actually occur 50 years and one day after the park first opened its doors. READ MORE >>

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