Insurance is About Relationships

Insurance is About Relationships

March 01, 2018
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A couple weekends ago I drove to Temecula on a Sunday for business. You’re probably thinking what kind of “business” is there in Temecula on a Sunday. Yes, I was at a winery and yes I did enjoy a tasting but I was there because of an important relationship. I was out there with an underwriter from one of our carriers celebrating her birthday. She was one of the first underwriters I spoke to on the phone when I started with Ken and we immediately hit it off, which was almost 14 years ago. We have built a great working relationship that has also turned into a friendship.

It reminded me how important relationships are in our business. As an independent agent we have relationships with our insurance companies, other businesses and most importantly our clients.

A fellow insurance agent on the east coast has a social media post letting people know their insurance needs are worth more than 15 minutes and he's right. We don’t want to be order takers. We want to understand the needs of our clients, offer solutions, and build relationships.

Recently I had conversations with potential clients about their needs. One became a client and the other might not become a client but will likely recommend our agency to his friends and neighbors. They both appreciated how much I cared about their situation and that I took my time. I love talking about insurance and I love getting to know our clients.

Just remember you truly are worth more than 15 minutes to us!