Protect Your Vehicle Well Beyond the Manufacturer’s Warranty

March 01, 2018
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I loathe the car buying process at a dealership from sales to financing. You know the drill…spend way too much time waiting while the salesperson gets you the “best deal” from the manager. Then you finally agree on a price and get whisked into the finance office. By the time you leave you’ve added thousands to the purchase price between alarm systems, upholstery treatments, maintenance agreements and extended warranties.

Did you know a lot of dealer profit is made in the finance office with all the extras? You can avoid some of it by exploring your options before going to the dealership.

I recently purchased a new kid hauler for our family. I love my 2017 Toyota Highlander because it gives me the third row when I need it or the extra space when I need it, and it still fits in my garage. Not only did I use my credit union’s auto buying service (Autoland at Mission Fed) but when it came time to purchase an extended warranty I knew exactly where I would get it….ME!

Mechanical Breakdown Insurance (MBI) is available through Ken May Insurance Services with a Mercury Mechanical Protection Policy.

I was able to purchase a 7-Year / 100,000 mile MBI Policy including coverage for the fancy electronics for only $577.00. The same coverage from the dealership would have easily cost double if not triple what I paid with Mercury.

As long as your vehicle is brand new, or still within the factory warranty period, your vehicle is eligible for coverage.

Do you have auto insurance with a company other than Mercury or a different agent?

No problem, you are still eligible, and while we are quoting your MBI policy we can also provide you with an auto insurance quote.

They are a bunch of awesome extras that come with the policy too that we will tell you about when you call for a quote.