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Ken May Insurance Services Blog: insurance

View the latest blog posts from Ken May Insurance Services.

We recently lost a long-time client who became very upset that her insurance company took away her good driver discount. “How could they do that to me? I’ve been with them for many years, always pay my bills on time, and have never filed a claim! Why does my company hate me”? READ MORE >>

As some of you already know, Ken May Insurance Services has been a excellent provider of the best motorcycle insurance for many years. And as motorcycles have changed over the years, so has the appetites of many motorcycle insurance companies. READ MORE >>

Over the years, we speak with many of our valued clients but with time restraints and the sheer number of clients, it is nearly impossible for us to “touch” everybody annually with a phone conversation but we understand that life changes happen and when they do, let’s not leave a premium saving discount on the table. READ MORE >>

It seems that every week, we receive a call from a client about whether or not to file a homeowner’s claim. This is a bit complicated because you have insurance for a reason but please remember that your homeowner’s policy is in place to cover catastrophic events and is not a maintenance agreement. READ MORE >>

I’d like to start by telling you a quick story that involves my son. Kenny and I went to a car dealership a while back because he needed to buy a car and saw a used 2003 Nissan Sentra that he was interested in. Being the protective father, I went with him to assist in working with the sales agent and the finance guy. READ MORE >>

I recently attended the annual conference of a trade group that we belong to. The keynote speaker discussed how auto insurance will be changing in the near future based on where insurance companies are spending their research and development dollars. READ MORE >>

At Ken May Insurance Services, I’m a stickler about offering extreme customer service or what we refer to it as customer excellence. So, with that mindset, I always measure the customer service of companies in which I do business with. READ MORE >>

     Insurance companies which elect to do business in California have to follow a completely different set of rules than they use in any other state due to Proposition 103 which was passed back in 1988. READ MORE >>

On any given day, we receive about a half dozen phone calls asking why their auto insurance renewal premium went up again. Though this is very frustrating to us all (and that includes me because I don’t receive a magical special deal just because I am an insurance agent), there are actually legitimate reasons for consecutive rate increases. READ MORE >>

              A number of years ago, I had the dubious honor of taking my dad’s car keys away from him and turning his car back in to the leasing company. At the age of only 72, he was having health issues which affected his ability to drive and he started hitting things. READ MORE >>

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